How much does it cost to develop a doctor appointment app similar to Zocdoc and Doctor On-Demand?

How much does it cost to develop a doctor appointment app similar to Zocdoc and Doctor On-Demand?

If you have a brilliant healthcare app idea that you believe will generate significant revenue, you may be wondering about the cost of developing such an app. Fortunately, your search for information has led you to this blog, where you can find answers to your questions.

The cost of developing a doctor appointment app can vary depending on several factors, including the platform, features, design, development team, and location. Generally, a basic app with limited features and a simple design may cost around $20,000 to $30,000.

As a leading healthcare app development services provider with over a decade of experience, we understand the complexities involved in developing a healthcare app. We carefully consider various factors when determining the cost to ensure that our clients receive a high-quality product that meets their needs.

Global statistics of doctor appointment apps such as Zocdoc and Doctor On-Demand in the online healthcare industry

As per the data on

  • Revenue in the Online Doctor Consultations segment is projected to reach US$25.31bn in 2023. 
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 8.76%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$35.41bn by 2027.

What is the cost of developing a doctor appointment booking app?

The cost of developing a doctor appointment booking app varies based on its complexity.

Here is an estimated timeline and cost breakdown for different types of apps:

Type of Doctor Appointment AppApproximate TimelineApp Development Cost
Simple App4 – 6 months$10,000 – $20,000
Medium App6 – 9 months$20,000 – $40,000
Complex App9 – 12 months+$40,000+

Factors that influence the cost of developing online doctor appointment apps?

Below, we have outlined the factors that influence the cost of developing a doctor scheduling app. Understanding these factors can assist in determining the budget required for creating medical apps.

Factor 1: Features that need to be incorporated into the appointment booking app.

Factor 2: The platform for doctor booking app development – iOS/Android/Cross-platform.

Factor 3: The need for UI/UX design to create a custom doctor booking app, similar to Zocdoc or Doctor On-Demand.

Factor 4: The location of the development team that you hire.

Consider these essential features when developing apps similar to Zocdoc and Doctor On-Demand:

Factor 1: Included in the development timeline are key features for patients, doctors, and admin. These features include user registration, searching for doctors by specialty, location, and insurance, viewing doctor profiles, appointment scheduling, real-time chat, online consultations, electronic health records, payment gateway integration, push notifications, analytics, and reports.

To elaborate, patients can register and log in via email or social media, search for doctors based on their specialty, location, and insurance, view doctor profiles and ratings/reviews, schedule/cancel/reschedule appointments, chat with doctors about health concerns, consult with doctors via video/audio call within the app, view and manage personal health records, pay for appointments securely via the app, receive push notifications for appointment reminders and health tips, and view analytics and reports on appointments, revenue, and user behavior.

Doctors can register and log in via email or social media, manage appointment requests, accept/reject appointments, chat with patients, conduct remote consultations, view patient medical records, view and manage patient health records, view payment details, manage payouts, receive push notifications for new appointments and reminders, and view analytics and reports on appointments, revenue, and patient behavior.

Admins can register and log in via email or social media, manage doctor schedules, manage chat settings, manage video/audio call settings, manage payment gateway settings, send push notifications for appointment reminders and updates to doctors and patients, and view analytics and reports on appointments, revenue, and doctor behavior.

Ultimately, the choice of which features to integrate into your doctor’s appointment booking app depends on your goals and target audience.

Factor 2: The development platform for the doctor appointment app can be either iOSAndroid, or cross-platform. The cost of developing a clone app similar to Doctor On-Demand and Zocdoc will depend on the platform you select. Below is a summary table of the estimated cost and timeline for medical app development on each platform, along with the required programming language:

Estimated PlatformCoding Language UsedEstimated CostEstimated Timeline
AndroidKotlin, Java$10,000 – $20,000500 – 800 hours
iOSSwift, Objective-C$10,000 – $20,000500 – 800 hours
Cross-PlatformReact Native, Flutter$15,000 – $40,000600 – 1000 hours

Developing an app for a single platform (either iOS or Android) is generally less expensive than developing for both platforms simultaneously. However, selecting a cross-platform development framework such as React Native or Flutter can enable you to create an app that functions on both iOS and Android devices, resulting in reduced costs and time. However you cannot match the user experience and quality which you can get in the native development. 

In conclusion, the development platform you select for your doctor’s appointment app will influence the cost, timeline, and user experience of the app. Therefore, it is crucial to weigh these factors carefully before deciding on a development platform.

Fastor 3: To develop a custom doctor booking app similar to Zocdoc or Doctor On-Demand, UI/UX design is essential. If you’re wondering how much it costs to design a doctor booking application, here’s the answer.

The cost of designing an appointment booking app usually ranges from $3,000 to $15,000. The cost depends on factors such as the number of app screens, complexity, type of design team, and location. The cost also varies depending on whether the app design is simple, medium, or complex. Here’s a table to give you an idea:

App Design ComplexityApp Design Cost
Simple App Design$1,500 – $3,000
Medium App$3,000 – $5,000
Complex App$5,000 – $10000

 A high-quality UI/UX design that aligns with the app’s functionality and purpose is crucial to ensure users can easily book appointments, view medical records, and communicate with healthcare providers. Investing in such design can lead to positive user experiences, attract and retain users, and ultimately pay off in the long run.

Factor 4: The location of your development team and the team you choose to hire can affect the cost.

You have two options for hiring a medical app development team:

  1. Working with a professional company.
  2. Hiring a freelance developer.

The estimated total cost and timeline for each option are as follows:

Service ProviderEstimated CostEstimated Time
App Development Company$15,000 – $60,000+500 – 1000 hours
Freelancer$8,000 – $30,000+600 – 1200 hours

Since freelancers work independently and have fewer resources, they may charge more than an app development company. Therefore, we recommend choosing an app development company, as they have a dedicated team with the necessary skills and expertise to build a custom medical app solution.

To create a medical appointment app similar to Zocdoc and Doctor On-Demand, you need to follow a well-planned approach. We have outlined the process in 8 steps:

Step 1: Determine the Key Features and Functionality of Your App

Step 2: Develop a database of healthcare professionals and medical facilities.

Step 3: Engage an app development team that specializes in creating doctor appointment scheduling apps.

Step 4: Select the Correct Technology Stack to Create a Doctor Appointment App

Step 5: Create a prototype and the UI/UX for your mobile app for doctor appointments.

Step 6: Make sure your appointment booking app complies with HIPPA regulations.

Step 7: Payment Gateway Integration with Your Online Doctor Appointment System

Step 8: Testing and Publication of Your Doctor Appointment Mobile App

How Getyoteam Contributes to the Development and Cost of the Doctor Appointment Booking App

If you’re interested in creating a doctor appointment mobile app or want to learn about the cost involved, we can provide you with a clear understanding of the development timeline and expenses. Our team of developers has extensive experience creating patient portal apps and can offer you expert guidance on your next steps.

Our consultants will analyze your requirements and present you with a comprehensive proposal outlining the project’s scope, duration, and cost. 

Contact getyoteam today to get started on building your doctor’s appointment mobile app. 

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