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Study Song Mobile App

Study Songs

Study Songs helps students memorize material for the multi-state bar exam in an innovative way by placing study content into songs. Our songs were written by lawyers who have graduated from elite institutions.
Study Song iOS App Study Song App Development
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Mindfulness mobile app development

Mindfulness Greece

Mindfulness Greece is a Native Mobile Application Developed for iOS and Android that promotes mental well-being through guided meditations and exercises.
Mindfulness Greece Mindfulness App
MyTrucking mobile app development

MyTrucking 2.0

MyTrucking 2.0 streamlines global transport management, empowering drivers to manage tasks on the go & offline. A valuable tool for transportation.
MyTrucking Mobile App Development MyTrucking Mobile App Development
Sp Rocket mobile app development


Sprocket, a Native Mobile App, is the first Bicycle marketplace, it assists finding deals, buying, selling bikes & its parts,& check tech specs! A must-have app for cyclists to snag amazing deals!
sprocket mobile app development sprocket mobile app development
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Dental Lab mobile app development

JS Dental Lab

JS Dental Lab app simplifies communication for your night guard/retainer order. Send images, ask questions, request more materials, all in one place.
JS Dental Lab mobile app development JS Dental Lab mobile app development
ABC Observe mobile app development

ABC Observe

This app aids in FBA, progress monitoring, behavior modification, BIP development & implementation. A powerful tool for managing behavior.
ABC Observe Mobile App Development ABC Observe Mobile App Development
Sharp Feeds mobile app developement

Sharp Feeds

Easily order Stockfeed with the Sharpes Stock Feeds mobile app, from preferred merchants, straight to farm or store delivery made simple.
Sharp Feeds Mobile App Development Sharp Feeds Android App Development
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showofff mobile app development


Show Offf is a native mobile app for showcasing talents & discovering others' in Acting, Singing, Dancing, Poetry, Comedy, Instruments & Concerts.
ShowOfff Android App Development ShowOfff IOS App Development
Pre Rn Mobile App Development


Pre-RN Check Off is a native mobile app for future nursing students, created by a RN with 17+ yrs of patient care experience.
Pre-RN Mobile App Development Pre-RN Mobile App Development
Behavior Observation Mobile App Development


iOS Native Mobile app for easy tracking of behaviors, goal progress, and interventions, great for psychologists, behaviorists, families & children.
BOME Mobile App Development BOME Mobile App Development
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Neeva Baby Mobile App Development

Neeva Baby

Neeva Baby App lets you hear your baby's heartbeat at home & share it easily with loved ones. Ask other moms questions in our forum & track baby kicks with our Free KickCounter feature!
Neeva Baby Android App Development Neeva Baby iOS App Development
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IVF Relax Mobile App Development

IVF Relax

IVF Relax app offers support & guidance for IVF treatment through guided meditations, journaling prompts, relaxation station. Available on iOS Platform.
IVF Relax Mobile App Development IVF Relax iOS App Development
Daily Life Tracker

Daily Life Tracker

DLT is a daily life tracking app that helps you manage your whole life, create good habits, and achieve extraordinary results. It simplifies your life and promotes balance. Learn more at productivitypowerhouse.com
Daily Life Tracking DLT
Happy Mood Meditation

Chat to Jesus

Chat to Jesus is an enlightening AI app that allows you to connect with Jesus Christ, find solace, seek guidance, and discover inner peace. 🙏✨
Chat To Jesus Chat To Jesus